COTTA Komaris is a brand new, up-and-coming furniture company that has been designing living room sofas for the past couple of years. As their business expands, they have begun to design more than just sofas.

Their latest line of products includes chairs, tables, curtains, rugs, and other various accessories such as vases and lamps. All of these items are designed with the utmost quality in mind; it takes on average three months to complete one sofa from beginning to end!

COTTA Komaris’s goal is to supply you with an aesthetically pleasing living area and provide you with a place where you can relax after a long day at work or school.

Premium Upholstery

The COTTA Komaris living space {Wohnlandschaften} sofa comes with a headboard adjustment, optionally also with a bed function. The design results from a collaboration between three designers, David Lewis from Britain and Eva Zeisel from Hungary, and Hans Gugelot from Switzerland.

The RGB-LED lighting, modern chrome-colored foot – and headboard, as well as the dark brown sofa upholstery, make it a piece of stylish living area furniture.

The COTTA Komaris smart-home is not only suitable for residential areas; commercial owners can also benefit from this modern design: The backrest of the lounge chair and ottoman can be raised to 170°, which makes cleaning easy thanks to its open frame construction.

The upholstery is soft and luxurious, and the back is slightly angled for comfort. It also has slightly tapered legs that provide a clean, modern look while adding stability to the piece.

This adds a clean, modern look with strength. Cotta fabric will stand up to years of regular use, giving you long-lasting beauty and comfort throughout its life span.

In Conclusion

A wide variety of styles & fabrics are available, including leather options; choose from classic neutrals with subtle textures, contemporary prints such as animal print, abstract florals, or geometric designs that add both style and luxury.